The Mafia

The mafia is one of the smaller and less violent gangs in GTA San Andreas Apk and one of the reasons why is because they don’t really appear much in the storyline of the game and considered to be more of a side gang or a supportive crew. The members of the gang are Russian and they don’t often work alone but rather for other gangs as their backup.

The Mafia vs Other Gangs

The Mafia just like most of the other gangs in GTA SA Apk is in the business with the Drug King, Smoke, and also the Corrupted cops unit C.R.A.S.H but they are not really as powerful as the other gangs so they are often attacked by other gangs like Grove Street Families upon their arrival in the city and they also make a couple of appearances in between the missions and to be more precise they appear in a total of 4 missions which are Just Business, Gray imports, Key to her Heart and finally they appear at the end of the line.

The Mafia’s Final Appearance

Being a member of Smoke’s drug empire means protecting the crack palace even at the cost of your life and The Mafia were also part of it as they were working for the big smoke, so just like any other gang when Carl found out the truth about Smoke’s betrayal and came to put an end to all of this in the final mission “End of the line”, the members of the Mafia were there to protect him and the crack’s palace but CJ with the help of Cesar and Sweet manages to kill Smoke and finally with the death of Tenpenny falling off the flyover, Mafia doesn’t appear again just like most the other gangs that used to work for Big Smoke.