Los Santos Vagos

The Los Santos Vagos or LSV are the largest Mexican gang in the city of Los Santos specially in the poor northeast sides of it. Vagos are also one of the main players of the drug game in the city. The gang is lead by Big Poppa along with Freddy.

Los Santos Vagos are the true enemies to most of the Mexican/Latin gangs in the city especially Varrios Los Aztecas, as they hold equal power in the city and stand for completely different ideals, though being comparatively smaller in size than LSV, the Aztecas are seen to have more powerful weapons than any other gang in the city making them a fierce competitor of LSV and others.

Los Santos Vagos vs other Gangs

The members of LSV can be easily recognized by their super bright pale bandanas and body covered with tattoos. They are also one of the most hostile gangs of Los Santos as they do not tolerate any other gang members in their area and would often use lethal force against them even if they aren’t provoked especially if it’s the Aztecas.

Although, being a hostile gang, they need to work together with the Ballas and others under Big Smoke’s command as he runs most of the drug supplies to the gangs and they get paid handsomely for the protection they provide.

And just like most the gangs LSV are into all sorts of crimes in the city from gang wars, murders, kidnappings, drive-bys, gang banging and drug smuggling and manufacturing.

The End of Los Santos Vagos

After CJ comes to discover the betrayal of his friends and returns with Cesar and overtakes most of the Territories for Aztecas in the gang war and finally destroys Big Smokes crack palace, Los Santos Vagos loses their influence over the city. CJ can wipe out the whole gang and overtake the territories that are under Vagos control which will end them for once and for all.

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