Grove Street Families

The Grove Street Families is one of the most powerful gangs in Los Santos after Ballas, who are also the sworn enemies of GSF. Sean “Sweet” Johnson (CJ’s big brother) is the leader of this gang.

Grove Street Families started to gain power in its early days when the whole Johnson family along with Big Smoke and Ryder used to work together to make the gang grow stronger and make a firm stand against their rival gangs’ drug smuggling deals in the city.

Some of the areas under Grove Street Families’ control are Ganton, Temple, Santa Maria Beach, and Playa de Seville.

Grove Street Families Fall

Though being one of the most toughest gangs of Los Santos, Grove Street Families couldn’t hold it together especially after the death of CJ’s younger brother Brian, which made him leave the hood and move to Liberty City.

And with CJ out of the picture, Sweet was barely managing to keep the gang on its feet and Ballas were taking full advantage of the situation, they even grew their drug business to deal in the areas controlled by Grove Street Families.

They also got their best players Big Smoke and Ryder to change sides to work for them and they did. They also planned a drive-by to take out the kingpin, Sweet for good, so they’d have nothing to worry about but things went south and drive-by resulted in the death of Beverly.

Grove Street Families | Back to Power

After the death of her mother Beverly, CJ decided to come back to the hood to help Sweet get the power back to the family and in the process find out who killed her mother and avenge her death.

Eventually, after CJ’s comeback Grove Street Families started to gain more and more control over the areas of Los Santos and were emerging as a threat to the Ballas.

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