Ballas Gang

The streets of Los Santos are controlled and run by many powerful gangs, but the most powerful and dangerous amongst them is Ballas. The members of this gang are some tough Afro-American people who are dominant over all the other gangsters in Los Santos.

Ballas also are one of the largest drug suppliers in the city, thanks to them whole city of Los Santos is flooded by crack. Ballas are also the sworn rivals of Grove Street Families.

Ballas Vs Grove Street Families

Ballas, being the top dog of the streets of Los Santos, they see Grove Street Families as a growing threat to their power and business, especially because of their no drugs policy. Ballas try everything in their power to eliminate this threat and grow their drug empire throughout the whole city and the outskirts.

Ballas are the reason why Beverly dies as they join hands with the corrupt cop, Frank Tenpenny to take out their biggest enemy and the leader of Grove Street Families, Sweet, CJ’s brother. But instead the attack gets better of Beverly, CJ’s mother, which bring Carl back to the hood and makes things very hard for the Ballas.

Ballas is also one of the largest gangs in terms of sub divisions inside it. The gang has 4 units namely:

  • Front Yard Ballas
  • Temple Drive Ballas
  • Rollin’ Heights Ballas
  • Kilo Trays Ballas

All the units are assigned to control certain territories of the City so that no one can challenge their authority.

Ballas’ rule gets a lot of hype after CJ leaves the city and Sweet is all alone to lead the GSF and maintain control over the streets, which he was failing badly at. Ballas also had the support of Tenpenny, who also happened to be GSF’s biggest enemy. Ballas took full advantage of this situation and made clandestine deals with Big Smoke and Ryder to get them on their side.

Ballas’ End

After CJ’s return to Los Santos, things started to go down the slope day by day. CJ with the help of others gave Ballas a hard time, until one day he found out that his own childhood friends had betrayed him to join their rivals. CJ eventually avenges the death of her mother by killing most of Ballas gang members and kingpins including Big Smoke, Ryder, and Tenpenny.

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