7 Secret Tips You Need to Know About GTA 5

The gaming world has evolved markedly over the past few years. Gaming is not just restricted to kids anymore rather there is a wide range of games available for adults as well. Either it’s simple chess learn or any other video game, you can find a variety of games to keep yourself entertained. The name that has been ruling the gaming world over the years is GTA. Although it was released back in 2013 its rereleases have contributed towards its growing popularity. Building one’s crime empire is what attracts the users the most. 

The world of GTA 5 is very intricately designed and has many small details to it that can only be known if you are an avid player. Since it is easy to miss certain events and experiences, we have made a list for you so you might not miss out on any of them. Here are our top 7 picks, that is a must-know for you all:

Investigating a Serial Killing Case

If investigating a murder sounds fun to you, then looking into Los Santos serial murderer the Infinity Killer is recommended for you. The player can unravel the secrets of these infinity murders as per which eight people were abducted and killed by a psychopath called Merle Abrahams. Players will have to follow nursery rhymes to find the next clue of the puzzle. After decoding the clues, players can 8 dead bodies in small islands in Paleto Bay. Finding bodies won’t have any special impact on the story but will surely get your morbid satisfied. 

Annoying the Other Lead Characters

The creators have tried their best to make GTA 5 as real as possible. The three main characters of the game have a life of their own outside a story mission. If you follow them, they will get irritated and will warn you to stay away. If you won’t, you will get a punch in the face that will put of the famous ‘waste’ screen. It will be fun for you to do!

Hunting UFOs

After completing the single-player campaign, there are other things that will keep you entertained. Once the game is fully completed, a number of UFOs will appear. Some of them will be saucer-shaped with FIB marking that suggests that they have escaped from FIB investigation while others will have a more angular look. There is no way of interacting with the craft as they are prone to damage and there will be no joyriding in them. 

No Country for Old Men

A failed drug deal is one of the most random events of GTA. You will find a bunch of old stranded trucks with blaring horns and with dead bodies all around the place. If stumbling in ‘no country for old men’ isn’t enough, then you should try heading down the hill and you will find a wounded survivor with a silver suitcase. You will be warned not to take it but if you do, you will find $25000 in your back pocket and will end up getting chased by people. You will have to fight them off to prevent another time-wasting trip to a hospital. 

Hidden Underwater Wrecks

The underwater world of GTA is interesting as the other one. Once you get access to submersible vehicles, you will be able to explore the hidden depths of the ocean. If you dive into the right place, you can find sunken treasure, massive cargo shipwrecks, sunken ships, and even a nuclear submarine. It will surely be an enjoyable experience for you. 

Dressing Up as Other Rockstar Characters

GTA 5 gives you a lot of options to get the outfits of the three main characters of the game customized. It can be a Tommy Vercetti’s suit from GTA vice city, or a Hawaiian shirt like Max Payne from Max Payne 3. You can also shave your head and add a beard to increase authenticity. 

Taking Selfies During Cutscenes

This one is a fun feature in GTA 5. The Snapmatic, a phone app, lets you take selfies in GTA’s wilderness or beautiful vistas. Snapmatic can also be used during the cutscenes if your character opens up the app. 

To Sum it Up

GTA 5 has much more to it. You can explore its intricacies and details by playing it more often.

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