GTA San Andreas APK Download For Android Devices

When talking about Video Games the one that pops up before any other game is GTA series by Rockstar Games, although there is one game in particular in the GTA series that leaves every other game behind because of its availability for Mobile devices.

Yes, we are talking about GTA San Andreas APK today, If you have played the masterpiece on your PCs and Consoles and ever wondered if the game would ever be available for Android Or IOS. Well, so did Rockstar and soon after the release of GTA San Andreas for PCs in 2004, they finally decided it was time to release the game for Mobile devices.

GTA San Andreas Back Story

Let’s roll back to old times when the city of Los Santos and San Andreas were brawling with gangs, corrupt Agents, Drug lords, Mafia, biker gangs and what not, all around the city. The streets were filled with all sorts of crimes and criminals with no fear of police whatsoever.

Our Guy CJ (former gangster) however, got fed up one day with all the violance and life of crime and left the city behind with his homies. But to his surprise the life he so badly wanted to leave behind, was about to drag him all the way back when one day his mother died and he had to come back to his old city.

Upon his arrival back to the hood, his homies wanted to show him around, soon CJ realised his hood was under constant attack by the rival gangs. The war had spread wide and gangs are trying to gain control of as many territories around the city as they can.

Now with CJ back, the ultimate journey to take control of the streets all around San Andreas has begun.

GTA San Andreas Gameplay

What’s New In GTA San Andreas APK

Rockstar is well known for their high quality video games, so how could we not expect the same level of quality on mobile devices.

GTA San Andreas APK is all set to perform the same way (even better in some cases) like its PC version because Rockstar has fully optimized the game to run smoothly even on low end devices so that everyone can play this masterpiece without losing the quality. Furthermore, the textures and lighting in the game has been re-done so it does well on the mobile devices.

Rockstar has also added multiple control options to play the game with, you can either go with the classic touch controls or you can connect wired/wireless BT joystick controllers to play the game, both are fully compatible to run the game smoothly.

GTA San Andreas APK

GTA SA APK – In-Game Features

There are hundreds of great features included explicitly for the mobile version of the game to make it even more Awesome!

Graphics Settings

This is first of its sort, you can increase or reduce the graphics of the game. On the off chance, if you are encountering any Lag, at that point you can bump down the graphics quality to suit run the game smoothly on your device.

Multiple Dialects Options

In GTA SA APK you have numerous language choices. This is to state that it bolsters numerous dialects. Coming up next are accessible dialects English, French, Italian, German, Spanish, Russian and Japanese

Cloud Saving Option

This is one of the best features of the game. This feature empowers you to be able to save your game. With Cloud Saving Option your game is saved, as you progress. You don’t have to save the game itll be saved automatically for you.

Control Options

Controls in this game have been made simpler. You will be in control of the character and everything around. You can use the dual stick controls which are accessible in GTA San Andreas apk to make the control of the overall game simpler.

How to Download GTA San Andreas APK

I bet you are all excited to jump into the action right away, so here’s what you need to do, just follow these few simple steps to get the APK file.

I am certain you have utilized the immediate links we gave above to download GTA SA  APK. Now find and install the APK record just downloaded from the link.

Try not to run the game after installation. Go to your download organizer and locate the game information that is in the obb document that you downloaded previously.

You will require folder extractor or any application that can unzip the file. You can download one from play store.

Now you need to put the San Andreas OBB document into sdcard/Android/obb or you can duplicate extracted folder into com.rockstargames.gtasa to Android/obb/organizer.

At this point when you are done, you can open your GTA SA APK and run the game and Offcourse Enjoy!


There are thousands of great mobile games out there but when it comes to Open World RPG Games nothing can beat the level of GTA SA. GTA San Andreas is one of the best games ever produced.

The game is available for download on playstore, in spite of the fact that it is a paid game that is the reason I have given direct link to you to Download GTA San Andreas APK. The link in this page contains link to download GTA SA APK free.